This is my multirotor blog.

I will primarily focus on the workings and operation of multirotors that I own, with occassionally commentary on other related subjects.

Initially I will be concentrating on articles relating to the Hubsan H501S and later the H501A.

Please comment below if you find it useful or would like any subject matter discussed in more detail.



  1. Hi Peter, I have been following the H501s forum ever since it started and have leaned a lot from your contributions.
    I purchased mine in October 2016 and it flew perfectly out of the box with Tx V4.2.14, LCD V1.3.4, Rx V1.2.9 and Fc V1.1.17.
    I have only ever flown it in manual mode as I can't seem to trust GPS mode, the only problem I have is with the self centering sticks having to hold back on the throttle or it will go to high.
    A week ago I bought an FPV1 transmitter with FW V1.1.6, this also worked perfectly out of the box.
    Even though it was a bit pricey to buy I'm mot sorry that I bought it as it is very smooth to operate and I don't have to hold back as much on the throttle using manual mode.
    Also the spring on the throttle stick is adjustable, all in all a very nice addition and it makes the quad a lot easier to fly.
    Keep up the good work and safe flying.


  2. hi there pete, can you talk a little bit about antennas. Would love to know more about that topic. Thanks for all the helpful info!

  3. Hi Peter, where you buy the H501A?

    1. I received mine yesterday, I ordered it straight from Hubsan.

  4. Hi Peter...

    You mention on your video that the 501A can be control by either the mobile or the Hubsan RC. Also you said that you can get the telemetry on the mobile if you are using the RC... CAn you please expand more.. I am planning to get the H501A and want to get the one with the control but I would like to know if I can switch between modes and also if I am using the RC what I get on the mobile

    1. OK. Will show you once I get some time.

    2. Thanks... Looking forward to it...

  5. Hello everyone,
    I have an X4 h501s.
    You will hardly have 2 hours flight. The problem is that in the last flight, the transmitter screen does not show what the drone camera sees. The video icon is not visible. Everything else is seen, height, GPS, etc.

    Rx V1.2.9
    Tx V4.2.14
    LCD 1.3.3

    Could anyone help me.

    Thanks in advance